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Our Approach


Comprehensive Experience

planningWith over twenty years of experience, Tactical Solutions’ advisors provide business leaders with the right information needed to resolve complex problems and overcome today’s challenges. Our methodology integrates proven processes to evaluate the company’s concerns, current circumstances, and ideal positioning. Our comprehensive approach includes:

Organizational Audit – penetrating analysis of the organization and its interfaces with its environment, including banks, stockholders, customers, employees and vendors.

Strategic Plan – a thorough engagement with detailed recommendations, action plans, expected results, integrated resource management, long range supporting rationale, and recommendations to improve operational efficiencies and financial feed-back.

Case Management – focus the hearts and minds of management to ensure that the policy objectives agreed upon are followed up with sound execution and control. Our goal is to ensure the implementation phase to a successful completion with no surprises. Engagements may involve different levels of service, including the following:

Direct Consulting – review and guide the actions of existing management, report to stockholders and Board of Directors.

Chief Financial Officer – hands on control of cash, collections, disbursements and financial reporting.

General Management – hands on and full responsibility for all aspects of implementing the strategic plan, report to stockholders and Board of Directors.

An added value we offer is our ability to provide resources and services in the following areas:

  • Direct On-Site Consulting
  • Providing Interim Financial Management Services
  • Identifying and Assisting with Financing Alternatives
  • Business Valuation Services
  • Assistance with the Purchase or Sale of a Business
  • Systems Analysis and Implementation